R&D Facilities – Overview 

Miklens Bio has developed in-house critical feasibility program which helps in streamlining processes that ensure optimum utilisation of resources. Research is the core function which is required for any successful innovation and Miklens Bio has made research as its forte for the development of various Residue Free products. Our team of in-house skilled scientists are dedicated to develop products that has the potential to change the agricultural landscape of our country.

Since its inception in August 2016, Miklens Bio has been instrumental in its research process, which has led to the development of many novel products with several new products in the pipeline. Miklens Bio believes in the philosophy of responsible agricultural practices and thus its products are derived from microbes, which are freely available in the environment.

Our products are derived from the research based on microbes that nourishes the soil and makes it fertile, thereby boosting the plant growth. Our research has a strong base in creating a critical component for the agricultural community to remain economically viable and environmentally safe.

Our Technology

Micro-organisms live in a world of chemical signals. Microbial bio-products represents an incredibly diverse array of chemistry. Over 25000 microbial bio-products have been reported in scientific literature, however only 2% of these have ever been readily available to the wider research community. Most bio-products have only existed in small quantities in research laboratories and their biological activities have never been fully investigated except for some successful compounds used in pharmaceutical industry.

By using the fermentation technology, Miklens Bio has been able to purify the right compound from microbial sources which are effective against major pest and disease. Through research, Miklens Bio has been successful in deriving nitrogen, phosphorous and potash elements through bio-engineering process that acts in supplementing the nutritional requirement of the plant which till date is available only in synthetic form for large scale consumption.

Benefits of our Research Technology

Considering the present agricultural scenario which is based on the haphazard use of chemical, our biotechnologically backed products help to improve the agriculture and the food insecurity issues arising due to tremendous population rise in a very sustainable manner.

“Pure Bio” is a concept that we bring to reality. We remain adamant to bring a revolution to the way agriculture is done across the world. Our proprietary technology of research based on microbes has led to the developments of products which are residue free, not at all toxic in nature, boosts productivity without causing any harm to the environment, improved quality of the produce and eventually increased profitability.

Lab & Research

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