Investor Relations

1. Overview

Miklens Bio is a research-based agricultural company with focus on bio-agri inputs as its principle business. Our expertise in developing novel products has made us capable to serve our customers and stakeholders better by creating value in terms of returns. Our products are the best alternatives to chemical fertilizers as they are reasonably priced considering price sensitive Indian agriculture input industry, also helps in improving the productivity of the crop along with its quality and eventually profitability of the farmer community and the nation as a whole.

2. Company Profile

Miklens Bio is all set to reform the agricultural scenario and gearing up to become the leading agricultural biotechnology company, which works tirelessly to better the lives of thousands of farmers across the country and help them meet the food needs of the population. We are also dedicated to preserving natural resources and the environment.

In order to accomplish our vision, we have developed a unique technology platform that enables the development of alternative products that are safer, more effective, less invasive and more economical than conventional chemical agricultural products.

The company has around 20 employees and a modern research facility located at Bangalore.

3. Board of Directors

Santosh Nair

Mr. Santosh Nair has nearly 2 decades of rich experience in the Banking and Finance Sector. He changed lanes from Banking to Farming (Agriculture) as he wanted to provide an environmentally safe alternative to chemical fertilisers to the farmer community. Mr. Santosh realised the growth opportunity in Agri Business. The last couple of years Mr. Santosh spent time in analysing Indian agri business and understanding the changing scenario in agriculture industry. Based on his analysis Mr. Santosh realised the growing opportunity, as the Indian agriculture business was in the beginning of transforming from unorganised to organised market. Since one of the key factor would be technology, Mr. Santosh decided to form a new entity named as Miklens Bio Pvt. Ltd. to enter the agri business which can help provide the farmers with a revolutionary technology based on microbial extracts.

Prashant Nimgade

Prashant Nimgade is a Founder & CEO of, an online investment platform offering various financial products. Has vast experience in finance function across various categories like Investments, Equity Research, Treasury Management, Deal Structuring, Project Funding, Funds Raising, International Taxation, Project Finance, Start-ups Investments, Merger & Acquisitions, Financial & Legal due diligence, IFRS Accounting & Valuation, Turnkey Investment Projects, etc. out of his 23 years’ experience, 13 years was overseas including countries like UK, Netherlands, Singapore and few counties in Middle East Asia. He has worked with companies like, Air Products Plc UK and Menzies Aviation Plc UK. His last assignment was with Mineral Enterprises Limited, Bangalore as CFO where he was also handling HR, IT and Strategy. With the deep insight in finance, Prashant acts as Independent Director on the Board of Miklens Bio.

Prashant is an engineering graduate’94 from Visvesvaraya National College, Nagpur, India. He is an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, having done PGDM (PGP-96) in Business Strategy. He holds master’s degree (MiF-2008) in Finance from London Business School, UK and qualified Chartered Certified Accountant from UK.

Amit Saran

Born on Nov. 20, 1955 in Allahabad. His early days were spent in Allahabad with schooling from St. Joseph’s High School with management graduation from the University of Allahabad. Soon after his MBA, in 1978 he started his professional career with Onida Electronics.

After a 21-year stint in the corporate world, his passion for sports took control of his destiny and he floated SPT Sports in 1998 with focus on developing sports and sportspersons with primary focus on golf and football. With many firsts to his credit both in the grass root and corporate segment in this sector, his entrepreneurial curiosity got the better of him once again and in 2012 he stepped into the agricultural field with a 14-acre farm land on the boarder of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

With organic farming as his forte, he has been able to successfully apply the old traditional methods of harvesting fruits and vegetables along with pulses. He is a passionate agriculturist and also the promoter of Arth Agri Venture LLP.

4. Advisory Board

Dr. Devanesan

Dr. Devanesan is a respected name in the agri biotech domain. He has done his Ph. D in Agriculture Entomology and his last stint was as Dean, KAU. He has many accreditation to his name and has published many articles in reputed journals. He has been instrumental in developing new tolerant strains of Apis cerana indica. He acted as a pivotal point in the consolidation of beekeepers in their source of new technologies for increased honey production at minimal cost. He has many awards and accolades to his credit like Kissan Ratna Award, Pioneer Scientist Award, Sevana Ratna awards to name a few.

5. Corporate Governance

Miklens Bio is governed in all its decisions, policies and activities by its core values of honesty and integrity. Since the founding of the company, we have adhered to, and have been guided by these core values, and will continue to do so in the future.

We acknowledge, and take very seriously, our responsibility towards our four groups of stakeholders: our customers, our employees, our shareholders, and the community at large. To shoulder this responsibility effectively, our directors have access to timely and accurate information, enough time and resources to carry out their duties, and full access to management.

6. Sustainability

At Miklens Bio, we believe that success can only be the result of strictly sustainable growth. Therefore, we carefully and responsibly manage our facilities, offices, and all other premises, to encourage and enforce high health, safety and environmental standards.

It is evident that we pay very close attention to meeting these standards:

  • Our research and development facilities, and all of our processing facilities, surpass mandatory safety requirements, and has the most modern and reliable equipment.
  • Safety training programs for all the employees are conducted often at all our facilities. The training includes behavioural training that plays an important role in keeping our employees safe at work.
  • Safety audits by independent, expert auditors are carried out periodically, as mandated by the relevant laws, to ensure another layer of protection for our employees.
  • Use of the newest, most-energy efficient technology and devices at all our premises helps us ensure that the carbon footprint of the company is reduced as much as possible.