Trichoderma viride is an antagonistic fungus which prevents the crops from diseases such as Root rots, Wits, Brown rot, Damping off, Charcoal rot and other soil borne diseases in crops. It is suitable for Sugarcane, Pulses, Oilseeds, Cotton, Vegetables Banana, Coconut, Oil palm, Chilies, Lime, Coffee & Tea, Areca nut & Rubber, Flower crops and Spices.

Tichoderma are known for their production of Several lytic enzymes and, among them T. viride and T. harzianum are commercialized. Strains of those species are widely used in biocontrol of soil borne plant-pathogenic fungi occurring in the most extreme to the most mundane of habitats.

CFU Minimum population of 1x 107 /ml

Dosage: 5ml/Ltr

Shake well before use
Store at room temperature


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