Mikhydroponics increases in yield with efficient use of inputs can be achieved through protected cultivation through Hydroponics. The major advantage of hydroponic greenhouse cultivation is the efficient usage of natural light. Open field agriculture, will face some serious problems in near future like availability of land and agricultural productivity, deforestation, and soil erosion. In addition, some areas where, there is an issue of soil fertility, unfavourable topographical conditions, and soil is not available for cultivation of crop like urban areas, under such conditions soil-less culture or protected farming can be introduced successfully (Hydroponics). Hydroponic – nutrients plays an important role in the cultivation to obtain better yields. Mikhydroponic: Ideal for Organic Vegetable Production Systems: growing vegetable and leafy vegetables through hydroponic farming organic fertigation. Mikhydroponic nutrient solution is easy to prepare and ready to use, a detailed description of preparing nutrient solution is provided.


Procedure for making hydroponic solution
For 100 litres nutrient solution Requirements:

  • Two cans/ beakers of 1 litre capacity. Mark with “A” and “B”
  • Glass rods/ Stirrer
  • Measuring cylinder


Nutrient solution preparation

  • To make 1 litre of nutrient solution.
  • Take 10 ml stock from “A” transfer it into 1 litre of water.
  • Take 10 ml stock from “B” transfer it also to 1 litre water containing 10 ml stock from “OA”.
  • Take 0.2 ml stock from “C” (ready stock) transfer it to the same beaker.
  • Stir the solution, to uniform distribution of nutrients; use this solution to fill the hydroponic reservoir.

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