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BoroMik is an essential micronutrient for all plants. lt plays an important role in cell division, flowers, fruiting and transportation of food material in the plant system. Boron deficient results in various symptoms like yellowing and malformation of young leaves, flower dropping, fruits cracking etc. therefore affecting yield and quality of the crop. BoroMik is an ideal micronutrient fertilizer, containing water soluble Boron 20% (Min.) to correct Boron deficiency in soils & crop, to maximize crop yields.

Foliar Application of 0.1% to 0.15% Solution (1 to 1.5g per liter of water) during critical growth stages of crop. Higher or lower concentrations can also be used depending on the nature of crop and it’s requirement. Give 2 to 3 sprays at 15 to 30 days interval during flowering and fruit setting stage.

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