Mikboost is a proprietary research product from MiklensBio Ltd. MikBoost is an excellent plant yield booster, derived from natural substances through fermentation process.

MikBoost is a phenomenal product that contains several essential hormones, enzymes and aminoacids besides florigens that trigger excellent flowering. The presence of antioxidants and naturally occurring hormones improves the quality of the produce

MikBoost helps in controlling food drop increases productivity, the unique feature of photosynthate translocators coupled with hydrolyzed proteins ensure good fruit formation and proper seed filling which ultimately results in extra yield and quality produce.

MikBoost can be used on all crops.

Dosage: 1 ml/L.

Use Mikbond sticker for proper coverage and penetration. First spray recommended at the time of flower initiation and second spray during fruit formation stage. In case of multi harvested crops-spray has to be collaborated with the harvest practice.

Shake the bottle well before use.


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