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MIKNATURALS helps in creating a conducive environment in enriching the soil microbe flora thereby increasing the uptake of required nutrients.



  • Contains elements in bio-available form, hence negligible wastage of fertilizer by leaching, volatilization with no fixation – better FUE and productivity.
  • Free from toxic salts and heavy metals thus, safe for the environment and soil health.
  • Imparts strength to the plants for withstanding stress caused by climatic vagaries, infestations of diseases and pests .
  • Helps in initial crop vigour and provides early boost.
  • Recommended for all stages of the crop- vegetative, flowering, fruit setting, fruit maturity etc.
  • Miknaturals 13:13:13

Dosage: Liquid: 3 – 5 ml/L, Powder: 3 – 5 g/L

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