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MIKNATURALS helps in creating a conducive environment in enriching the soil microbe flora thereby increasing the uptake of required nutrients.



MikNaturals Gold is a product with two functions, at first it supplies the needs of nutrient requirements and secondly it improves the soil structure. On the basis of soil analysis, crop needs and experience, it is possible to apply an amount of MikNaturals NPK suitable for your conditions. MikNaturals NPK is a slow release fertilizer which means that the nutrients will be available over a period of time.

  • Contains elements in bio-available form, hence negligible wastage of fertilizer by leaching, volatilization with no fixation – better FUE and productivity.
  • Free from toxic salts and heavy metals thus, safe for the environment and soil health.
  • Imparts strength to the plants for withstanding stress caused by climatic vagaries, infestations of diseases and pests .
  • Helps in initial crop vigour and provides early boost.
  • Recommended for all stages of the crop- vegetative, flowering, fruit setting, fruit maturity etc.
  • Miknaturals 13:13:13

Dosage: Liquid: 3 – 5 ml/L, Powder: 3 – 5 g/L

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