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(Agri) Industry is challenged by a host of problems, like deteriorating soil quality, falling yields, increased cost of business and attacks by new pests and diseases. This is the result of injudicious use of chemical based agri-inputs, polluted water sources and resistance in older pest species. This has spiked cost of production and has made the business un-profitable and in many cases has rendered the soil unfit for agriculture. Miklensbio with its array of technologically superior products derived from microbial extracts helps to reverse years of ecological degradation.

Our Products

Miklens Bio makes use of their expertise in the field of biotechnology to provide products which are effective thereby improving the value offerings to the farmers


Research is the core function which is required for any successful innovation and Miklens Bio has made research as its forte for the development of various Residue Free products

Investor Relations

Miklens Bio is a research based agricultural company with focus on bio-agri inputs as its principle business

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Our Press Room provides insights and updates about all the latest happenings in the company.



Our Press Room provides insights and updates about all the latest happeningsMiklens Bio believe that our people are the principal investment, as they are the driving forces in making what Miklens Bio is today and what it will be in future. in the company.



Miklens Bio is a research powerhouse involved in the research and development of bio-agri inputs. Please download our Corporate Brochure and Product Catalog for detailed and handy information.

"Until the farmer does not receive the benefits of scientific and technological developments, true progress is incomplete" -

Honourable PM Shri Narendra Modi


Miklens Bio helps you to carry out farming naturally. Our products will help you to preserve your farmlands from overuse of chemical fertilisers and also improve your soil texture. Our products can also be used by home gardening enthusiasts and kitchen gardening experts

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    SPARSH, No.3 Divine Bungalows, Marian Colony, Borivali West, Mumbai – 400103. India


    +91 95389 84154


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